Automotive Maintenance Skills Certificate

Division: Technology and Engineering

Program Code: 2C40648

The Automotive Maintenance Skills Certificate (formerly Automotive Maintenance Specialist Skills Certificate) is designed to provide the student with entry level employment skills needed in the area of automotive maintenance. A student can seek employment in new car dealerships, specialty repair shops, and franchise automotive repair facilities. The program work will develop a student’s understanding of general automotive diagnosing, servicing and repair/replacement of automotive components. This certificate requires a total of 22 units. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (22 units):
AUTO 070 FEngine Reconditioning7
AUTO 073 FBrake Systems Repair7
AUTO 082 F Engine Performance and Drivability8
Total Units22

Outcome 1: Identify and practice safe work habits when using tools and equipment in an automotive repair shop.

Outcome 2: Inspect, identify, and repair vehicle malfunctions following manufacturer specifications and procedures.

Outcome 3: Using a vehicle repair order, explain and record vehicle inspection and repair procedures performed in compliance with automotive industry standards.

Outcome 4: Perform a wide array of vehicle preventative maintenance and service procedures.