Computer Information Systems Associate in Science Degree


The Computer Information Systems Associate in Science Degree is designed to prepare students for employment in programming, networking, website design, database design and administration, cyber-security, project management or game design. Students learn in a well-equipped technical environment for instruction and lab. CIS courses are taught providing hands-on experience in the use of industry-standard hardware, application software, operating systems, networking, and programming tools. This degree also requires students to select a "Career Track" from the sets of Restricted Electives. This degree requires 20-23 units.

Required Courses (14 units):
CIS 100 F Introduction to Personal Computers4
or CIS 100HF Honors Introduction to Personal Computers
or CIS 111 F Introduction to Information Systems
or CIS 111HF Honors Introduction to Information Systems
CIS 152 F Web Design I (formerly Web Page Design II)3
CIS 180 F Introduction to Networking Concepts4
CIS 201 F Introduction to Python Programming3
Restricted Electives - Select from ONE CAREER TRACK below to meet the minimum program unit requirements.6-9
Cyber Security Career Track (8 units):
Introduction to Operating Systems3
Personal Computer Security2
Introduction to Cyber Security (formerly Introduction to Computer Forensics)3
Programming Career Track (6-7 units):
Database I3
Programming in C++3
Java Programming I
Network Technician Career Track (6 units):
Computer Certification Preparation3
Computer Certification Prep II3
Network Administration Career Track (9 units):
Introduction to Operating Systems3
Windows Server3
Linux and UNIX Operating System3
Web Design Career Track (6 units):
Web Design II (formerly Dreamweaver I)3
Web Page Layout with CMS3
Information System Project Management Career Track (9 units):
Beginning Spreadsheet (MS Excel)3
Project Management I3
Beginning Word Processing (MS Word) (formerly Word Processing)3
Game Design Career Track (6 units):
Introduction to Computer Game Design3
Introduction to Programming for Computer Games3
Total Units20-23

Outcome 1: Demonstrate proficiency in one or more common Business Software programs.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate an understanding of common computer technology-related terms.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate the ability to be effective communicators using common Business communication tools.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate knowledge of common internet-related technologies and software.