Personal Trainer Certificate


The Personal Trainer Certificate is designed to prepare students to enter the job market as a certified personal trainer. This certificate requires a total of 19 units. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (19 units):
ANAT 231 FGeneral Human Anatomy4
Human Biology
and Human Biology Laboratory
NUTR 210 FHuman Nutrition3
or PE 270 F Exercise Nutrition
PE 154 F Fitness Testing with Exercise Prescription3
PE 235 F First Aid, CPR, and Safety Education3
PE 254 FPersonal Fitness Trainer3
WELL 265 F Movement Anatomy (formerly titled Kinesiology)3
Total Units19

Outcome 1: Demonstrate the information, training and practical skills to qualify for work as a Personal Trainer.

Outcome 2: Design appropriate exercise programming as measured by ability to following guidelines and recommendation for scientific exercise programming during internship.