Athletic Coach Certificate


The Athletic Coach Certificate is designed to educate and prepare students to become certified athletic coaches in the recreational and competitive sports industry. Students will earn a certificate and be more qualified to coach interscholastically and within sport organizations and private business. A final interview will conclude completion of this certificate. This certificate requires a total of 11.5-15 units, with at least .5 units coming from the Restricted Elective list. A grade of C or better is required for each course taken.

Required Courses (11-12 units):
PE 240 F Sports Officiating (formerly Sports Officiating for Men)3
PE 244 F Techniques and Principles of Coaching3
PE 247 FSports Management3
PE 245 F Lifesaving, Basic Rescue and CPR2-3
or PE 235 F First Aid, CPR, and Safety Education
NOTE FOR PE 235 F and PE 245 F: American Red Cross certification can be substituted at the discretion of the Division. Students must take an additional 2-3 units from Restricted Electives.
Restricted Electives - Select at least one course from the list below (.5-3 units).5-3
Gymnastics - Tumbling (formerly Gymnastics)1
Beach Volleyball1
Beginning Swimming1
Volleyball - Intermediate0.5-1
Fitness Testing with Exercise Prescription3
Intermediate/Advanced Basketball (formerly Basketball)1
Football - Defense3
Soccer II (formerly Soccer)1
Intercollegiate Baseball3
Intercollegiate Basketball - Men1
Intercollegiate Basketball - Women1
Intercollegiate Cross Country - Men and Women3
Intercollegiate Football3
Intercollegiate Golf - Women2
Intercollegiate Soccer3
Intercollegiate Softball - Women2
Intercollegiate Swimming (formerly Swimming - Men)3
Intercollegiate Tennis2
Intercollegiate Track and Field - Men and Women (formerly Track - Men/Women)3
Intercollegiate Sand Volleyball-Women2
Intercollegiate Volleyball - Women2
Intercollegiate Water Polo2
Sports and Society3
Introduction to Kinesiology3
Exercise Nutrition3
Professional Activities: Theory of Basketball2
Theory of Coaching Softball2
Theory of Coaching Football (formerly Professional Activities/Theory of Football)3
Theory of Coaching Soccer2
Theory of Coaching Volleyball (formerly Professional Activities - Theory of Volleyball)3
Total Units11.5-15

Outcome 1: Formulate a full season plan of practice for the students in their respective sport.

Outcome 2: Interpret the rules and regulations of three sports of the student's choice.