ESL Speaking Skills, Intermediate to Advanced

Certificate of Competency 

Program Code:  3P40946

This is a focused language program. The program has one required course: ESL Speaking Skills, Intermediate to Advanced and at least one elective course: Intermediate Grammar Review or Intermediate Vocabulary Review. Students can choose the elective course based on their personal goals and needs.

Core Courses (Required 36 Hours)
ESLA 183 ESL Speaking Skills, Intermediate to Advanced36
Elective Courses (Required 36 Hours)
Must choose one of two:36
ESL Grammar Review, Intermediate - Advanced36
ESL Vocabulary Review, Intermediate - Advanced36
Total Hours72
First Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
ESLA 18336ESLA 223 or 226 (Elective Course - Must choose one)36
 36 36
Total Hours 72

ESLA 183 36-72 Hours ESL Speaking Skills, Intermediate to Advanced

This course is designed to help English language learners at the intermediate to advanced level develop and build accuracy and fluency in speaking. The class will focus on different types of spoken language, conversation strategies, pronunciation skills and everyday speaking situations. (Apportionment)

ESLA 223 36-84 Hours ESL Grammar Review, Intermediate - Advanced

This course will teach the meanings and usages of advanced English grammar structures that are frequently used in everyday situations. Students will learn how to apply grammar rules in oral and written communication. This class supplements core ESL courses and is designed for ESL students placed in the intermediate and advanced levels. (Apportionment)

ESLA 226 36-72 Hours ESL Vocabulary Review, Intermediate - Advanced

Students will review, expand, and retain vocabulary words and phrases organized by commonly used topics. Students will work on using approximately twenty-five practical target words per class in oral and written exercises. This course is designed for the ESL students placed in the Intermediate Low, Intermediate High, and Advanced levels. (Apportionment)