ESL Work Readiness

Program #24063

ESL Work Readiness sequence of courses is offered before employment and focuses on developing SCANS - language and technology literacy skills needed to obtain employment. Computer skills for ESL courses focus on improving language skills through computer applications tasks using MS Office Suite, online resources, and presentation programs. The sequence of courses ends with the Intermediate/Advanced Work Skills course focusing on managing resources, developing interpersonal skills, as well as understanding and improving systems.

This sequence of courses develops foundation skills needed for successful employment, such as, basic language and math skills, thinking creatively, making responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-management, and integrity.

Core Courses
ESLA 801 Computer Skills for ESL - Beginning36
ESLA 815 Computer Skills for ESL - Advanced36
ESLA 808 ESL Intermediate/Advanced Work Skills36
Total Hours108

ESLA 801 36 Hours Computer Skills for ESL - Beginning

The course introduces ESL students to hands-on exploration and use of current Microsoft Windows programs. Students will learn basic computer parts, keyboarding, and the basics of MS Word, PowerPoint, Print Shop, and Excel. Emphasis is on building confidence in computer use to improve English skills in grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking, pronunciation, and reading. (Apportionment)

ESLA 808 36 Hours ESL Intermediate/Advanced Work Skills

This ESL course covers basic job-search and workplace survival language skills while building necessary computer and critical thinking skills for students who are at an intermediate level or higher. Emphasis is on understanding basic principles of getting a job as well as wages, benefits and concepts of employee organizations. Students will practice work-related safety standards and procedures and demonstrate effective use of common workplace technology and systems. Students will acquire skills of how to communicate effectively and manage workplace resources. (Apportionment)

ESLA 815 36 Hours Computer Skills for ESL - Advanced

Students will enhance their English language skills through challenging computer application tasks using MS Word, PowerPoint, Print Shop, Excel, the Internet, and MS Publisher. Emphasis is on building confidence in independent projects to improve English skills in grammar, vocabulary, writing, and reading. Students will be actively involved in computer projects linking the academic environment with their communities. (Apportionment)