Workplace Vocational English as a Second Language: Electricity and Construction

Program #24166

This VESL sequence of courses focuses on the language needs of the students who are currently enrolled in the vocational electricity and construction programs as well as the students who have completed the occupational training and pursuing a career of an electrician. The goal is to prepare students to function successfully in the electricity and construction academic or workplace setting by introducing students to the field terminology, job-related math skills, basic safety rules, and building effective oral and written communication strategies in real-life situations.

Students will also obtain necessary skills and confidence needed to find a job, managing resources, developing interpersonal skills, as well as understanding and improving systems.

Core Courses
ESLA 995 Vocational English as a Second Language: Electricity and Construction36
ESLA 808 ESL Intermediate/Advanced Work Skills36
Total Hours72

ESLA 808 36 Hours ESL Intermediate/Advanced Work Skills

This ESL course covers basic job-search and workplace survival language skills while building necessary computer and critical thinking skills for students who are at an intermediate level or higher. Emphasis is on understanding basic principles of getting a job as well as wages, benefits and concepts of employee organizations. Students will practice work-related safety standards and procedures and demonstrate effective use of common workplace technology and systems. Students will acquire skills of how to communicate effectively and manage workplace resources. (Apportionment)

ESLA 995 36 Hours Vocational English as a Second Language: Electricity and Construction

The course focuses on improving communicative competence within real-life situations related to working with electricity and general construction. Students will gain confidence as they improve their ability to communicate effectively while on the job. (Apportionment)