Cyber Security Analyst Certificate

Division: Business and Computer Information Systems


The Cyber Security Analyst Certificate is designed to prepare students who intend to pursue employment in entry-level cyber security/forensics positions. The program provides additional technical and managerial skills to analyze cyber security threats from a variety of perspectives at the enterprise and national levels. This certificate option requires completion of the Cyber Security Technician Certificate and additionally provides advanced courses in ethical hacking, cyber-security tools, and networking. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken. This certificate requires 21 units.

Required Courses - Cyber Security Technician (12 units):
CIS 107 F Introduction to Operating Systems3
CIS 109 FPersonal Computer Security2
CIS 160 F Introduction to Cyber Security (formerly Introduction to Computer Forensics)3
CIS 180 F Introduction to Networking Concepts4
Required Courses (9 units):
CIS 183 FNetwork Security Fundamentals3
CIS 222 F Computer Scripting (formerly CGI/Perl Scripting)3
CIS 290 F Linux and UNIX Operating System3
Total Units21

Outcome 1: Use a working vocabulary of cyber security technology.

Outcome 2: Formulate, update and communicate short- and long-term organizational cyber security strategies and policies.

Outcome 3: Measure the performance of security systems within an enterprise level information system.