Advanced Technical Theatre Certificate

Division: Fine Arts


The Advanced Technical Theatre Certificate is designed to provide the student with enhanced occupational competency as a general theatre technician, for theatrical productions, corporate events, theme parks, television, and film studios. This advanced certificate requires completion of the Technical Theatre Certificate (17-units) plus additional advanced courses (17-units), for a total of 34-units. At least one-half of the units toward the certificate must be completed at Fullerton College. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Required courses (19 units)
THEA 092 F Automated Scenery for the Theatre2
THEA 093 FRigging for the Theatre1
THEA 094 F Systems Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Theatre2
THEA 141 F Introduction to Technical Theatre4
THEA 143 FStagecraft4
THEA 160 F Introduction to Sound Technology3
THEA 170 F Beginning Theatrical Lighting (formerly THEA 144 F)3
Required Stage Crew Activity (1 unit total)1
(Courses, taken as corequisites for THEA 160 and 170)
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity (formerly THEA 149 F)0.5-3
Beg Stage Crew Activity0.5-3
Required Theatre Crafts Lab: (4 units)4
THEA 148 F Introduction to Theatre Crafts Lab (formerly THEA 142 F)1-2
THEA 152 F Beginning Theatre Crafts Lab1-2
THEA 252 F Intermediate Theatre Crafts Lab1-2
THEA 253 F Advanced Theatre Crafts Lab1-2
Required Pproduction (4 units)4
Acting Workshop3
Theatre Workshop1-3
Beginning Theatre Practicum (formerly THEA 133 F)1-2
Resident Theatre Company0.5-3
Beginning Musical Theatre Concert Production1
Beginning Director's Practicum0.5-3
Beginning Musical Theatre Production0.5-3
Intermediate Theatre Practicum1-2
Experimental Theatre2
Intermediate Musical Theatre Concert Production1
Intermediate Director's Practicum0.5-3
Intermediate Musical Theatre Production0.5-3
Restricted Electives (6 units):6
Fundamentals of Drafting2
Introduction to Advanced Topics in Theatre Technology2-6
Video and Scenic Projection for the Theatre2
Scene Painting3
Properties: Design and Construction3
Introduction to Welding (formerly WELD 121AF)3
Total Units38-42

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Distinguish and employ different types of construction techniques for the purpose of building safe and effective theatrical scenery.

Outcome 2: Illustrate, evaluate, and employ the correct, safe and efficient use of tools, hardware, and equipment for the purpose of implementation with rigging, automation, and other advanced systems.

Outcome 3: Distinguish and apply advanced technical theatre terminology in order to communicate effectively within the entertainment industry.