Stage Management Certificate


The Stage Management Certificate is designed to provide the student with enhanced occupational competency as a Stage Manager for theatrical and dance productions, corporate events, theme parks, television, and film studios. This advanced certificate requires completion of the Assistant Stage Management Certificate (19.5-24.5 units) plus additional advanced courses for a total of 36-49.5 units. At least one-half of the units toward the certificate must be completed at Fullerton College. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Required Courses (21 units)
MUS 101 FMusic Fundamentals3
THEA 100 FIntroduction to the Theatre3
THEA 141 F Introduction to Technical Theatre4
THEA 160 F Introduction to Sound Technology3
THEA 170 F Beginning Theatrical Lighting (formerly THEA 144 F)3
THEA 265 FTheatre Management2
THEA 266 FStage Management3
Required Design Course (2 units)
Select either THEA 091 F or THEA 162 F (which requires and additional Stage Crew Activity Course)
THEA 091 F Video and Scenic Projection for the Theatre2
or THEA 162 F Sound Design for the Theatre
Required Stage Crew Activity Courses (1-9 units)1-9
Select either THEA 091 F or THEA 162 F (which requires and additional Stage Crew Activity Course)
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity (formerly THEA 149 F)0.5-3
Beginning Stage Crew Activity0.5-3
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity0.5-3
Advanced Stage Crew Activity0.5-3
Required Production Courses (8-10.5 units) 8-10.5
Select courses to fulfill stage management positions.
Acting Workshop3
Theatre Workshop1-3
Beginning Theatre Practicum (formerly THEA 133 F)1-
Resident Theatre Company0.5-3
Beginning Musical Theatre Concert Production1
Beginning Director's Practicum0.5-3
Beginning Musical Theatre Production0.5-3
Intermediate Theatre Practicum1-2
Experimental Theatre2
Intermediate Musical Theatre Concert Production1
Intermediate Director's Practicum0.5-3
Intermediate Musical Theatre Production0.5-3
Restricted Electives (4-7 units)4-7
Principles of Management3
Human Resource Management3
Introduction to Personal Computers4
Beginning Spreadsheet (MS Excel)3
Introduction to Information Systems4
Interpersonal Communication3
Small Group Communication3
Musical Theatre History3
Modern Dramatic Literature3
Introduction to Stage Combat3
Stage Directing3
Total Units36-49.5

Outcome 1: Organize and create a prompt book relevant to a theatrical event.

Outcome 2: Analyze and evaluate the production requirements of a theatrical event.

Outcome 3: Design, assemble, and evaluate a theatrical play season.

Outcome 4: Identify and interpret common themes and purposes in producing a theatrical production

Outcome 5: Evaluate and compare the job descriptions of theatrical production personnel.

Outcome 6: Contrast and identify the various theatrical unions and how they relate to a theatrical production.