Acting and Performance Level 1 Certificate

Division: Fine Arts


The Acting and Performance Level 1 Certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level performance competency and employment in regional theatre, television, film, theme parks and education. Students will integrate voice, mind, and body techniques toward character development, explore and engage with multiple professional training methodologies, generate a repertory of performance material for auditions, and produce professional grade resumes and head shots to forward career advancement. This certificate requires between 19.5 and 22.5 units.

Required Core Courses (15 units):
THEA 100 FIntroduction to the Theatre3
THEA 121 FMovement for Actors3
THEA 129 FVoice for the Actor3
THEA 180 FBeginning Principles of Acting3
THEA 181 F Intermediate Principles of Acting3
Restricted Electives (1-3 units):1-3
Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre3
Modern Dramatic Literature3
Improvisation for Television, Film and Theatre2
Oral Interpretation3
Acting Workshop3
Theatre Workshop1-3
Beginning Theatre Practicum (formerly THEA 133 F)1-2
Introduction to Stage Combat3
Acting for the Camera3
Theatre Arts Independent Study1-3
Total Units16-18

Outcome 1: Identify and apply specific skills, knowledge, and creativity for professional development and employment in theatre, film, and television.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate the ability to select, rehearse and perform solo and scene material as well as "cold read" provided materials.

Outcome 3: Apply and integrate analytical skills through written script analysis as well as written and verbal evaluation of peer performances and of other theatrical productions.

Outcome 4: Analyze and apply vocal and physical techniques toward the creation of character for the purpose of theatrical storytelling.