Stage and Screen Combat Level 1 Certificate

Division: Visual and Performing Arts


The Stage and Screen Combat Level 1 Certificate is designed to prepare the student for entry-level performance competency and employment in the field of stage combat and stunts, with specific areas of employment in regional theatre, television, film, theme parks and education. Students will integrate voice, mind, and body techniques toward character development, train and employ a variety of techniques specific to armed and unarmed staged violence, integrate choreography into the context of scripted scene work, and be adjudicated for proficiency and recognition by an internationally recognized organization (Society of American Fight Directors). This certificate requires a total of 18.5-22.5 units.

Required Courses (12 units):
THEA 180 FBeginning Principles of Acting3
THEA 181 F Intermediate Principles of Acting3
THEA 197 FIntroduction to Stage Combat3
THEA 198 F Beginning Principles of Stage Combat3
Courses to be taken concurrently (2.5-4.5 units):2.5-4.5
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity (formerly THEA 149 F)
and Introduction to Technical Theatre
Scene Painting
Introduction to Theatre Crafts Lab (formerly THEA 142 F)
Properties: Design and Construction
Beginning Theatre Crafts Lab
Introduction to Sound Technology
Sound Reinforcement Techniques
Sound Design for the Theatre
Beginning Theatrical Lighting (formerly THEA 144 F)
Beginning Theatrical Costuming and Design (formerly THEA 145 F)
Stage Makeup (formerly THEA 147AF)
Intermediate Theatrical Lighting
Intermediate Theatrical Costuming
Intermediate Theatre Crafts Lab
Advanced Theatre Crafts Lab
16-18th Century Theatrical Costume Construction
19th Century Theatrical Costume Construction
20th Century Theatrical Costume Construction
Pre-16th Century Theatrical Costume Construction (formerly THEA 255 F)
Theatre Management
Stage Management
Restricted Electives (4-6 units):4-6
Movement for Actors
and Introduction to the Theatre
Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre
Improvisation for Television, Film and Theatre
Oral Interpretation
Voice for the Actor
Acting Workshop
Theatre Workshop
Beginning Theatre Practicum (formerly THEA 133 F)
Acting for the Camera
Theatre Arts Independent Study
Total Units18.5-22.5

Outcome 1: Demonstrate multiple weapon disciplines in rehearsal, on stage, and/or in front of the camera for the purpose of performing safe and dramatically effective storytelling.

Outcome 2: Research, analyze, and apply historically martial techniques from a variety of cultural backgrounds into safely repeatable actions for the purpose of enhancing historical accuracy within dramatically effective storytelling.

Outcome 3: Analyze and apply vocal and physical acting techniques to create culturally responsive characters within the context of heightened dramatic circumstances.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate a working knowledge of terminology and stage/set etiquette for the purpose of maintaining a safe working environment.