Scenic Artist Certificate


The Scenic Artist Certificate is designed to prepare the student for occupational competency as a Scenic Artist in educational, community and resident theatre venues as well as theme parks, television and motion picture studios. This certificate program requires a total of 31 units of which 21 units required and 4 units required lab courses. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Required Courses (21 units):
ART 118 FColor Theory3
ART 180 FRendering3
ART 182 FBasic Drawing3
THEA 100 FIntroduction to the Theatre3
THEA 141 F Introduction to Technical Theatre4
THEA 146 FScene Painting 13
THEA 148 F Introduction to Theatre Crafts Lab (formerly THEA 142 F)2
Required Lab Courses (4 units):4
Beginning Theatre Crafts Lab2
Introduction to Stage Crew Activity (formerly THEA 149 F)0.5
Beg Stage Crew Activity0.5
Intermediate Stage Crew Activity0.5
Advanced Stage Crew Activity0.5
Intermediate Theatre Crafts Lab2
Advanced Theatre Crafts Lab2
Restricted Electives (6 units):6
Introduction to Art3
Beginning Painting3
Mural and Faux Painting3
Properties: Design and Construction3
Total Units31

Outcome 1: Demonstrate and evaluate general drawing and painting skills.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate, formulate and assess the principles of color theory and paint mixing.

Outcome 3: Discriminate and evaluate the relationships of pigment color to lighting, costuming, and scenery.

Outcome 4: Differentiate, formulate and select the appropriate paints and finishes as needed for various scenic materials.

Outcome 5: Compare, contrast and choose the appropriate brushes, rollers, and applicators as needed for various scenic materials.

Outcome 6: Identify, explain and evaluate the safe operation of scene painting equipment associated with theatrical productions.