Counseling and Student Development

The College maintains a complete guidance service, including the orientation of new students to a successful college experience, counseling to meet the educational requirements for various careers, assistance in selection of courses of study, and individual guidance in matters of aptitude and personal adjustment as they are related to the student’s vocational and educational objectives.

Each student is assigned a counselor based on a major or area of interest. The counselor assists the student in planning a program of courses and is available to help in other matters affecting the student’s progress in college. Regular conferences may be scheduled during each semester to ensure that the student may gain the greatest possible benefit from the counseling service. Counselors can also be reached by email during the semester at or through their individual email address listed in the Programs and Course Descriptions section of this catalog under Counseling and Student Development.

Special courses are offered to assist students in gaining the maximum benefit from their college experience. For example, all students enrolled in more than two classes must enroll in COUN 140 C during their first semester of attendance. This course is designed to further help orient students to college life and assist students in their educational and vocational planning. In addition, there are opportunities for students to take mini-guidance courses in Career and Life Planning, Academic and Life Success, Career Exploration, College/University Transition, and Academic Success and College Survival.

Director, Transfer Center and Counselor, Honors Program Penny Gabourie
Coordinator II, Career Center Angela Sardan
Department Coordinators, Counseling Robert Grantham and Jacquelyn Rangel
Counselor, Articulation Jacquelyn Rangel
Counselor, Athletics/Kinesiology Contact Express Counseling (714) 484-7015
Counselor, Business and Computer Information Systems Robert Grantham
Counselors, Career Technical Education Dr. Jane Jepson/Jeannie Mitsch/Cassie Rodriguez
Counselors, Career Planning/Adult Re-Entry Program Anne-Marie Beck/Sarah Coburn
Counselors, Fine Arts Renay Laguana-Ferinac/Renee Ssensalo
Counselors, Health Science Kelly Carter/Marisa Lehmeier/Denise Vo
Counselor, Language Arts, Social Sciences and Teacher Preparation Program Mymy Lam
Counselor, Language Arts, Social Sciences and Puente Program Dr. Therese Mosqueda-Ponce
Counselor, Language Arts and Social Sciences Daniel Pelletier
Counselor, Legacy LaRon Armstead
Counselor, Science/Engineering/Mathematics Ernesto Heredia
Counselor, Transfer Center Yolanda Duenas