Student Life and Leadership

Student Life and Leadership:

Cypress College encourages all students to make the most of their collegiate experience by getting involved in campus life. Students can explore their interests, build their skills, create friendships, and elevate their journeys at Cypress College. Student Life and Leadership can help connect you with a wide array of enriching involvement opportunities, such as student government and club life.

Student Life and Leadership (SLL) helps ensure that Cypress College students have ample opportunities to make the most of their college experience by getting involved on campus as well as supporting their overall well-being. By participating and connecting with like-minded individuals, students can explore their interests, develop skills, create friendships, and thrive both inside and outside the class environment. In addition to supporting Associated Students and overseeing club life, SLL is also responsible for ensuring student basic needs are met and driving civic engagement within our student population.

Associated Students

Associated Students (AS), the student government of Cypress College, offers students the opportunity to gain unique leadership skills, enhance their personal and professional development, and elevate student voices at our campus. Throughout the academic year, AS is responsible for providing students with engaging cocurricular experiences, advancing student-driven initiatives, and effectively representing all Cypress College students on campus, regional, state, and national levels. The AS Council is comprised of nine Executive Board members, up to 15 Senators, and up to 15 Activities Coordinators.


Cypress College offers a wide variety of clubs, charters, and organizations for students to join. These groups range from special interest to discipline-based, and each active club elects its own officers, holds regular meetings, and coordinates its own activities throughout the academic year. These organizations also participate in Inter-Club Council (ICC), a governance group comprised of student representatives from every active club. ICC is vital in maintaining this accessible, diverse, and inclusive branch of collegiate life.

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