Business Networking and Sales Certificate

Division: Business and Computer Information Systems


The Business Networking and Sales Certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in any business. The opposite of networking is not working. And, when developed correctly, it can be a most important business skill. Every time you meet someone, there is an opportunity to learn from them and be a resource to them. In sales, networking is a necessary skill for finding new clients and centers of influence and building a strong referral pipeline. It is also a strategy used to open doors and build powerful relationships. This program is designed for future professionals who are individual members of a team and for those who manage a team or the sales function of a business; For sales managers or executives looking to effectively coach your team and build a high-performing sales engine; Entrepreneurs looking to build a sales team and acquire customers; Business leaders who would like to be more persuasive and influential; Business development professionals who play a role in sales and managing relationships; and Professionals making a horizontal career shift into sales from another functional role. This certificate requires 12-15 units.

Required Courses (12-15 units):
MKT 208 FPrinciples of Selling3
PE 115 FGolf1
or PE 139AF Beginning Tennis
BUS 111 FBusiness Communications3-4
or BUS 112 F Public Speaking for Business
or BUS 211 F Critical Reasoning and Writing for Business (formerly Writing for Business)
or BUS 211HF Honors Critical Reasoning and Writing for Business (formerly Honors Writing for Business)
BUS 115 F Professional Business Etiquette3
BUS 295 F Business Internship (formerly BUS 061 F)2-4
Total Units12-15

Outcome 1: Simulate selling and persuasion skills.