Business Management Associate in Science Degree


The Business Management Associate in Science Degree is designed to prepare students for employment in a business capacity. The focus of the program is skill building in the areas of communication, decision-making, planning, organizing, and evaluating. Emphasis on problem solving, leadership, and critical thinking skills is stressed to prepare students for employment and or transfer to a four year college or university. This degree requires 31-34 units.

Required Courses (4 units):4
Introduction to Personal Computers4
Introduction to Information Systems4
Honors Introduction to Information Systems
Required Courses (3-5 units):3-5
Accounting for Small Business3
Financial Accounting Principle3
Financial Accounting5
Honors Financial Accounting5
Required Courses (3 units):3
Business Communications3
Critical Reasoning and Writing for Business (formerly Writing for Business)3
Honors Critical Reasoning and Writing for Business (formerly Honors Writing for Business)
Required Courses (3 units):3
Introduction to Business3
Principles of International Business3
Small Business Management3
Required Courses (3 units):3
Business Economics3
Business Finance3
Principles of Economics-Micro3
Honors Principles of Economics-Micro
Required Courses (3 units):3
Legal Environment of Business3
Honors Legal Environment of Business
Business Law I (formerly BUS 241AF)3
Required Courses (9-10 units):9-10
Public Speaking for Business4
International Management3
Principles of Management3
Human Relations in Organizations (formerly Human Relations in Business)3
Principles of Supervision3
Human Resource Management3
Leadership and Business Ethics3
Required Courses (3 units):3
International Marketing3
Introduction to Marketing3
Digital Marketing (formerly New Media)3
Total Units31-34

Outcome 1: Utilize a working vocabulary of business terminology.

Outcome 2: Classify, record, and summarize financial transactions in journals and ledgers, manually and/or with computerized accounting software.

Outcome 3: Identify basic computer concepts, terms and functions.

Outcome 4: Analyze a routine business request and respond with a written letter that illustrates good business writing skills.