Business of Art Certificate

Division: Business and Computer Information Systems


The Business of Art Certificate combines business coursework in entrepreneurship, marketing, and accounting with courses focused on studio arts, art management and leadership practices for a self-employed career in art. Students examine methods for sustaining a self-directed career in the arts and for making their art viable in the marketplace. A minimum grade of C is required in each course. This certificate requires a total of 18 units.

Required Entrepreneurship Courses (9 units):
BUS 181 F The Entrepreneurial Mindset (formerly Business Plan Development)3
or BUS 180 F Small Business Management
ART 123 FBusiness Practices in Art3
or MKT 201 F Small Business Promotions
ACCT 100 FSmall Business Accounting3
Choose 9 units from ONE ART Module listed below:9
Painter Module
Advanced Painting I3
Advanced Painting II3
Portfolio Preparation and Artwork Presentation3
Sculptor Module
Three-Dimensional Design3
Advanced Sculpture3
Advanced Sculpture II3
Jeweler Module
Three-Dimensional Design3
Advanced Jewelry Casting3
Advanced Jewelry Fabrication3
Ceramist Module
Three-Dimensional Design3
Intermediate Ceramics3
Advanced Ceramics3
Tile Module
Basic Design3
Three-Dimensional Design3
Tile III3
Gallery Module
Introduction to Museum and Gallery Studies (formerly ART 122 F)3
Museum Studies - Exhibition Production (formerly ART 124 F)3
Museum Studies - Exhibition Design and Careers (formerly ART 125 F)3
Illustrator Module
Composition for Artists: Elements and Principles3
Advanced Illustration3
Portfolio Preparation and Artwork Presentation3
Total Units18

Outcome 1: Analyze ways to create a livelihood in a chosen arts discipline by identifying a unique, self-directed, non-traditional, and entrepreneurial pathway.

Outcome 2: Develop skills in marketing, self-promotion, and business planning.

Outcome 3: Use a working vocabulary of small business terminology.