Disability Support Services


840 Bldg, Room 842 — (714) 992-7099

The Disability Support Services (DSS) office provides a variety of services for students with documented disabilities, including learning disabilities, visual, hearing and mobility impairments, psychological conditions, acquired brain injuries, and other medi­cal disabilities. Services are provided in compliance with state and federal legislation.

In accordance with federal and state regulations, procedural language has been established to address the provision of educational accommodations to students with disabilities who are otherwise qualified to participate in the College’s courses, programs and activities.

The DSS office supports students in achieving their educational goals by providing services and accommodations in a timely and effective manner.

Students who have a verifiable disability qualify for support services through the DSS office. The services are designed to support students in the achievement of their academic and career vocational goals. Reasonable accommodations are determined by the DSS counselor/specialist on an individual basis. Services and accommodations are based on the educational abilities and functional limitations unique to each student.

In order to receive services from DSS, one must:

  1. Be currently enrolled as a Fullerton College student; and
  2. Provide detailed documentation of a disability from an appropriate professional and/or participate in the learning disability assessment process through DSS.

Services That May Be Provided

  • Test taking accommodations
  • Specialized counseling
  • New DSS student orientation
  • Early registration accommodation
  • Alternate media
  • Notetaking assistance
  • Interpreting services
  • Learning disability assessment
  • Assistive and adaptive technologies
  • Adaptive computer and learning strategies classes