Health Services

1200 Bldg, Room 1204 — (714) 992-7093

Health Services provides health care and personal counseling to the students of Fullerton College. Health Services is open from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM during the Fall and Spring terms. The summer schedule is variable. The mandatory health fee (payable at time of registration) includes the following services:

  • Clinical Medicine — Physician and nurse-practitioner consultation by appointment, diagnosis and treatment are free of charge. Clinical laboratory testing,1 radiology referral and follow-up,1 medications and/or prescriptions,1 minor surgery,1 referral to community hospitals/specialists.
  • Crisis Intervention and Personal Counseling — Individual consultation with a qualified therapist. Referrals available to private and community health agencies. Remote appointments also available.
  • Health Care — Health/wellness counseling, screening for immediate or follow-up care, emergency care for illness, first aid for traumatic injuries, maintenance of health records, accident reporting, health education, referral to community agencies. A student accident insurance plan1 is maintained by Health Services.

Your Health Fees at Work

Student Health Services provide all of the services students would find in a routine medical clinic. Most of the services, such as a visit to the physician, nurse practitioner, RN, psychologist, or health educator, are at no cost to students. Laboratory tests, immunizations, medications, pelvic exams and employment or wellness exams are provided at very low fees or often no fee. [HOURS: Nurses are available from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday. Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Health Educator, and therapists available by appointment.]