Classroom Essentials for Program Success

Certificate of Completion

Program #3P41619

The Classroom Essentials for Program Success certificate is designed to prepare students for entry into a short term vocational program. Students can be expected to learn the following: computer terminology, the usage of the major business applications (word processing, database, spreadsheets, graphics and communication), develop a career path to assist them in their educational journey, and choose from a variety of options such as, but not limited to study skills, online education, keyboarding, and employability skills.

Core Courses (Required 24 Hours)
OTEC 091 Computer Basics12
OTEC 092 Software Essentials12
Elective Courses (Required 36 Hours)
Must choose 1 of 2 electives36
Career Skills and Resource Lab36
Virtual Career Skills and Resource Lab36
Total Hours60
First Year
Semester 1Hours
OTEC 09112
OTEC 09212
WFPR 100 or 10136
Total Hours 60

OTEC 091 12 Hours Computer Basics

Designed for those who know nothing or very little about computers. Builds computer technology understanding, makes one a better consumer of computers and products, and explores operation systems, software and hardware. Provides foundation for other NOCE computer course. (Apportionment)

OTEC 092 12 Hours Software Essentials

Learn the beginning basics of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Access in one class. This class serves as a foundation for OTEC courses. (Apportionment)

WFPR 100 18-180 Hours Career Skills and Resource Lab

Free, flexible scheduling to complete and receive help on homework and training on computer, industry related and employability skills. (Apportionment)

WFPR 101 36 Hours Virtual Career Skills and Resource Lab

Lab designed for online students to have access to seminars, assistance, and resources related to Career Technical Education and/or employment skills. (Apportionment)