Management Program

Program #24114

This program will prepare students for first-line supervisory or management positions. Students learn management principles and develop basic skills in decision-making, problem-solving, planning, organizing, speaking and writing. The sequence builds their knowledge base to enhance their effectiveness on the job by covering topics such as leadership development, business law, finance, negotiations, marketing and more. (There are ten required courses, and student must choose one of nine computer electives.)

Core Courses
BMGR 417 Effective Business Presentations18
BMGR 410 Elements of Supervision18
BMGR 431 Finance for the Non-Financial Manager18
BMGR 423 Introduction to Employment Law18
BMGR 412 Management Skills I18
BMGR 610 Management Skills II18
BMGR 430 Marketing Principles18
BMGR 421 Successful Negotiations18
BMGR 415 Written Communications for Business18
BMGR 452 Understanding Business Contracts18
Elective Courses
Must choose one of nine:36
Introduction to Computers36
Introduction to Windows Operating Systems36
Introduction to Word36
Introduction to Excel36
Introduction to Access36
Introduction to PowerPoint36
Intermediate Word36
Intermediate Access36
MS Office - Overview36
Total Hours216

BMGR 410 18 Hours Elements of Supervision

Provides instruction in communication, problem solving, team building and leadership. Designed for managers in both public and nonprofit organizations. (Apportionment)

BMGR 412 18 Hours Management Skills I

This course provides an overview of the functions of the management process and its practical applications in a business environment. The course focuses on the planning process and organizing skills, including decision-making, strategic planning, delegating and staffing. Students will learn management principles that provide basic guidelines for supervisory decisions and actions. (Apportionment)

BMGR 415 18 Hours Written Communications for Business

Provides extensive hands-on experience with all types of written business communications including letters, resumes, cover letters, memos, and reports. (Apportionment)

BMGR 417 18 Hours Effective Business Presentations

This course provides instruction and practice in business presentation skills. Students will learn techniques to enhance their ability to speak before any size group with more confidence and communicate their message effectively. Students are encouraged to participate in a video tape exercise for their own assessment of strengths and weaknesses. (Apportionment)

BMGR 421 18 Hours Successful Negotiations

Participants will learn, practice, and perfect skills required for achieving better outcomes in sales transactions, employment and promotion, purchasing, and employee cooperation. (Apportionment)

BMGR 423 18 Hours Introduction to Employment Law

This course is an introduction to the federal and California state laws governing the relationships between employers and employees. It examines the nature, purpose, and employees. It examines the nature, purpose, and operation of these laws from the perspectives of both the employer and employee. (Apportionment)

BMGR 431 18 Hours Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

This course introduces students to the basics of business finance for the non-financial manager. Financial statements will be covered along with discussions on sales and expenses, assets and liabilities, budgeting and planning, and financial analysis. (Apportionment)

BMGR 430 18 Hours Marketing Principles

Introduces the student to the marketing principles of product, price, distribution and promotion in support of goods and services. The course will focus on real world application and current business case studies. The student will learn to apply marketing skills in the development of a marketing plan. (Apportionment)

BMGR 452 18 Hours Understanding Business Contracts

This course will provide an overview of contract principles and explore the meaning, purpose and effect of common contracts clauses, i.e., limitation of liability, warranty and indemnification. Students will learn how to achieve a better contract result by knowing why, when and how to request contract modifications. (Apportionment)

BMGR 610 18 Hours Management Skills II

This course focuses on developing management skills in working with individuals and teams to promote productivity, quality and innovation. Topics include employee performance appraisal, performance management, work groups, and the control process for keeping people, plans and programs on track. (Apportionment)

COMP 100 36 Hours Introduction to Computers

Designed for those who know nothing or very little about computers. Builds computer technology understanding, makes one a better consumer of computers and products, and explores operation systems, software and hardware. Provides foundation for other SCE computer classes. (Apportionment)

MS 104 36 Hours Introduction to Windows Operating Systems

Learn the newest Windows operating system; includes desktop and file management, security, adding hardware and software, personalizing Windows XP, making connections and communicating with other people. (Apportionment)

MS 105 36 Hours Introduction to Excel

Advisory: Knowledge of Windows.

Provides a basic working knowledge of this popular spreadsheet program. Covers topics such as formulas, functions, and charting. (Apportionment)

MS 106 36 Hours Introduction to Access

Advisory: COMP 100 Introduction to Computers, MS 104 Introduction to Windows or equivalent.

Design databases using this popular software package. Includes creating tables, forms, reports and labels. Textbook Required. (Apportionment)

MS 107 36 Hours Intermediate Access

Advisory: MS 106 Introduction to Access.

Learn how to build and modify advanced tables, forms and reports. Develop proficiency in use of encrypting database files, defining relationships and defining queries. Text/disk required. Recommended proficiency in: Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Windows, Introduction to Access or equivalent. (Apportionment)

MS 119 36 Hours Introduction to PowerPoint

Learn how to create on-screen presentations using text, graphics, sound effects and movies. (Apportionment)

MS 134 36 Hours Intermediate Word

Advisory: Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Windows, Introduction to Word or equivalent.

This continuing course covers features such as mail merging, styles and templates, large documents and WordArt. Textbook purchase may be required at first class. (Apportionment)

MS 144 36 Hours Introduction to Word

Introduction to Windows or equivalent. Provides a basic working knowledge of Word. Covers topics such as formatting with fonts, paragraph alignment, indents, margins, inserting clip art bullets and numbering, columns and tables. (Apportionment)

MS 160 36 Hours MS Office - Overview

Learn the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access in one class. Topics include document formatting, working with graphics, basic formulas, queries and reports. This class serves as a foundation for other MS Office Courses. (Apportionment)