Certificate of Completion

Program: 3P43316

The Entrepreneurship certificate of completion program is designed to introduce students to key concepts for starting and managing a business. Upon program completion, students will understand the components of a business plan, understand basic business regulations, and be introduced to marketing concepts and basic bookkeeping skills necessary to seek funding to start or expand a business.

To earn a certificate, students complete the required and elective courses as listed with a grade of P (pass).The exception is for WFPR 100 and/or WFPR 101 courses. If those courses are required or listed as an elective, students will not receive a grade and instead must complete at least 36 hours in either WFPR 100 or WFPR 101. For programs/courses that allow credit for prior learning, at least 75% of all course work must be completed at North Orange Continuing Education.  (Contact the CTE Office to learn more about which courses offer credit for prior learning).

Required Core Courses (180 Hours)
ENTR 100 Entrepreneurship Basics54
ENTR 105 Digital Marketing, Introduction45
ENTR 115 Business Law Essentials45
COMP 650 Quickbooks Fundamentals for Financial Office Applications36
Total Hours180
First Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
ENTR 10054ENTR 11545
ENTR 10545COMP 65036
 99 81
Total Hours 180

ENTR 100 54 Hours Entrepreneurship Basics

Entrepreneurship introduces students to the basics of starting up a business, including identifying business opportunities, understanding the components of a business plan, structuring the business, and financial considerations. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to use basic business terminology, explain the components of a business plan, and identify possible business structures. (Apportionment)

ENTR 105 45 Hours Digital Marketing, Introduction

Introduction to Digital Marketing covers foundational topics, such as planning your marketing strategy, creating content, understanding, engaging, and retaining consumers. Upon completion students will understand the basics of digital marketing from concept to optimization. (Apportionment)

ENTR 115 45 Hours Business Law Essentials

Business Law Essentials is an overview of the American legal system designed to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of business law for the purpose of observing the application of legal principles in business activity. This course provides the student with a working knowledge of the legal framework within which formal business organizations must operate. (Apportionment)

COMP 650 36 Hours Quickbooks Fundamentals for Financial Office Applications

Teaches students the basics of using the QuickBooks software to develop customized financial application for business. The course covers special techniques for reducing data entry time, eliminating errors and getting consistent results. Upon completion students will understand the basics of QuickBooks to simplify financial tasks. (Apportionment)