Computer Science

Division: Business and Computer Information Systems

Division Dean

Dr. Henry Hua


Robert Grantham

Computer Science Transfer Program

Students should consult a counselor or for lower division major requirements for most California public universities. (See the Standard Definitions section of the catalog for a description of ASSIST.) Students transferring to an independent college/university should consult the catalog of the individual school and a counselor for lower division major requirements.

CSCI 123 C  Introduction to Programming Concepts in C++ 4 Units

Prerequisite(s): MATH 141 C or MATH 142 C, with a grade of C or better.

Term hours: 72 lecture and 18 laboratory. This course is an introduction to the basic principles of programming using C++ as the development tool. Topics include the structure and design of algorithms, input/output, branching structures, functions, recursion, built-in data types, arrays, structures, files, pointers and elementary operations on linked structures. The object-oriented programming paradigm will be introduced. Topics include encapsulation, polymorphism, libraries, streams, inheritance and abstract data types. Students will design algorithms, write external and internal documentation and design and write source code in C++. (CSU/UC)

CSCI 133 C Data Structures in C++ 4 Units

Prerequisite(s): CSCI 123 C with a grade of C or better.

Term hours: 72 lecture and 18 laboratory. This is a course in algorithm design and data structures implemented using C++. Data structures examined are arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, tables, and graphs. Algorithm topics include hashing, sorting heaps, searches and algorithm efficiency using Big-O notation. Students will create and modify class libraries to implement these structures. (UC/CSU)