Physical Science

Division: Science/Engineering/Mathematics

Division Dean

Patricia Menchaca


Ron Armale
Victoria Castle
Kirk Domke
Michael Frey
Anthony Hall
Massoud Saleh
Aaron Schwartz


Ernesto Heredia

PHSC 104 C Physical Science for Teachers 4 Units

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of Elementary Algebra or MATH 110 C or MATH 110PC or equivalent.

Term hours: 54 lecture and 54 laboratory. This activity-based course introduces students to basic principles of physics and chemistry with emphasis on their practical importance and application in the real world. Some of the topics include: matter, physical and chemical properties, energy, motion, light, atomic structure, bonding, solutions and chemical reactions. This course is intended for students who want to become elementary school teachers. Duplicate credit not granted for CHEM 104 C. (CSU, AA GE, CSU GE, IGETC, C-ID: CHEM 140 and PHYS 140)

PHSC 196 C  Field Studies in Physical Science 2 Units

Term hours: 18 lecture and 54 laboratory. This course involves lecture and field study in the physical sciences. During a given semester, multiple sections may be offered to different study areas or for different selected topics. Study areas include, but are not limited to, star gazing in the Santa Ana mountains or Anza area; viewing museums, planetaria, observatories; or listening to lectures. Field trips are required. (CSU)

PHSC 298 C Physical Science Seminar 0.5-12 Units

Prerequisite(s): May be required.

Corequisite(s): May be required.

Advisory: May be required.

Term hours: 0-216 lecture and/or 0-648 laboratory depending on units attempted. This course is for students who wish to increase their knowledge in various fields in the physical sciences. Various topics may be offered, such as the metric system of measurement, observational astronomy, etc., according to the interests of the instructor and students as stated in the class schedule. Consult the class schedule to verify unit credit and topics for a particular semester. Fees may be required-Payable at Registration. Pass/No Pass or Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option or Standard Letter Grade. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)

PHSC 299 C  Physical Sciences Independent Study 0.5-2 Units

Prerequisite(s): Approved Independent Study Learning Contract

Term hours: 48-54 laboratory or project research for maximum credit. This course is for able students who have demonstrated interest and capability for increased knowledge of physical science through individual study, small group discussion conferences, or special laboratory project work. Independent laboratory or field study projects with staff supervision may be approved with written reports required. May be taken for credit 4 times. (UC Credit Limitation/CSU)

The courses taught by this department contribute to the following ISLO/PSLOs: A-Breadth of Knowledge, Competencies, and Skills; specifically, the following ISLO/PSLO subcategories: A1-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.