Archaeology Technician Certificate

Division: Social Sciences


The Archaeology Technician Certificate consists of a total of 26-28 units in anthropology and related disciplines. Combined, these classes provide basic knowledge and skills useful in the field of CRM (Cultural Resource Management). Although a career in archaeology will likely require at least a bachelor's degree (BA or BS) in Anthropology, this certificate assists students in gaining entry level positions in professional archaeology. To earn this certificate, students must complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. This certificate consists of three sets of classes:required classes (17 units); anthropology electives (3-4 units); and non-anthropology electives (6-7 units). At least 50% of all major course work must be completed at Cypress College. This certificate requires a total of 26-28 units.

Required Courses (17 units):
ANTH 101 CBiological Anthropology3
or ANTH 101HC Honors Biological Anthropology
ANTH 101LCBiological Anthropology Lab1
ANTH 102 CCultural Anthropology3
or ANTH 102HC Honors Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 103 CIntroduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 231 CField Course in Archaeology I3
ENGL 100 CCollege Writing4
or ENGL 100HC Honors College Writing
Anthropology Elective Courses (3-4 units):3-4
Human Prehistory/Ancient Civi3
Native North America3
Field Course in Archaeology II3
Anthropology Independent Study1
Non-Anthropology Elective Courses (6-7 units):6-7
Native American History I3
Physical Geography3
California Geography3
Cultural Geography3
Field Geography - Physical1
Introduction to GIS3
Physical Geology3
Honors Physical Geology
Historical Geology4
Geology of California3
Total Units26-28