Communication Certificate

Division: Language Arts

Financial Aid Eligible

The Communication Certificate recognizes a student's achievement in a variety of communication skills including, public speaking, critical thinking, argumentation, group problem solving and decision-making, and interpersonal and intercultural interaction. Communication skills are an intrinsic component of success in both personal and professional relationships and are highly valued by employers in the workplace. To earn this certificate, complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College. This certificate requires a total of 16-18 units.

Required Courses (15 units):
COMM 100 CHuman Communication3
or COMM 100HC Honors Human Communication
COMM 105 CInterpersonal Communication3
COMM 135 CArgument and Critical Thinking3
COMM 120 CIntercultural Communication3
COMM 124 CSmall Group Communication3
Elective Courses: Select from the following (1-3 units):1-3
Oral Interpretation of Lit3
Mediated Oral Communication3
The Rhetoric of the City3
Honors Rhetoric of the City
Communication Independent Study0.5-2
Total Units16-18

Program Student Learning Outcomes

OUTCOME 1: Acquire the knowledge and skills including oral and written communication, interpersonal and intercultural communication, and critical thinking, necessary for workforce preparation and/or professional advancement in their field of choice.