Liberal Arts Associate in Arts Degree with an Area of Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Division: Counseling


The Liberal Arts Degree with Area of Emphasis: Social and Behavioral Sciences provides students with the opportunity to earn a degree within a broad liberal arts education, allowing them to understand the intellectual relationships between various disciplines in a broader Area of Emphasis.  Earning an Associate Degree may or may not be the most effective path to fulfilling transfer requirements. The courses listed for each Area of Emphasis in the Cypress College catalog do not reflect major preparation requirements at any specific university, but some may be used to fulfill local university requirements. Reminder: Students with catalog rights for 2012 or prior, meet with a Counselor to confirm if courses taken at that time are applicable to the Social & Behavioral emphasis and the Transfer Center for information regarding selection of an appropriate general education pattern and pertinent classes, as well as your intended major at the specific colleges/universities of choice.

Requirements for the Liberal Arts Degree with Area of Emphasis: Social AND Behavioral Sciences include:

  • Completion of Cypress College Native General Education requirements; California State University General Education Breadth requirements (CSU GE Breadth) or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC).

  • Completion of at least 18 units in an Area of Emphasis from those outlined below.(Note: Where appropriate, courses in the Area of Emphasis may also be counted for a GE area).

  • A 2.0 (C) overall GPA and a 2.0 (C) in all courses taken in the Area of Emphasis.
  • Effective Fall 2017 - Fulfillment of all graduation requirements, to include local requirements of a minimum of one (1) unit of coursework approved for Physical Activity and Health and three (3) units of coursework approved for Cultural Diversity for a total of 60 transferable units.

Liberal Arts AA Degree: Social and Behavioral Sciences Emphasis

The Social and Behavioral Sciences option under Liberal Arts is an ideal choice for students planning on transferring to the California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC). Students are able to satisfy both their transfer major preparation course work. The Area of Emphasis listed below includes courses that transfer to CSU and/or UC. Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the information below is accurate and timely. However, this information is unofficial and should be checked against the official information found on the ASSIST website @

This degree emphasizes the perspective, concepts, theories and methodologies of the disciplines typically found in the vast variety of disciplines that comprise study in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Students will study about themselves and others as members of a larger society. Topics and discussion to stimulate critical thinking about ways people have acted in response to their societies will allow students to evaluate how societies and social subgroups operate.

Select 18 units from at least 2 discipline areas:
Introduction to Criminal Justice 13
Concepts of Criminal Law 13
Community and the Justice System 13
Cultural Anthropology 13
Honors Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology (Formerly ANTH 203 C) 13
Comparative Cultures 13
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology 13
Human Prehistory/Ancient Civi 13
Magic Witchcraft and Religion 13
Native North America 13
Anthropology of Death 13
Applied and Practicing Anthropology (formerly ANTH 211 C) 13
Ancient Cultures/Mex/Cent Am 13
Interpersonal Communication 13
Intercultural Communication 13
History of Disability in US3
Principles of Economics-Macro 13
Honors Princ of Econ-Macro
Principles of Economics-Micro 13
Honors Princ of Econ - Micro
Survey of Economics 13
International Economics 13
Consumer Economics3
American Ethnic Studies (formerly ETHS 100 C) (Formerly ETHS 100 C) 13
Honors American Ethnic Studies
Intro to African Amer Studies 13
African-American History I 13
African-American History II 13
Intro to Chicana-o-x Studies (Formerly ETHS 140 C) 13
Chicana-o History I (formerly ETHS 141 C) (Formerly ETHS 141 C) 13
Chicana-o History II 13
Chicana-o and Latina-o Contemporary Issues 13
Intro to Native Amer Studies 13
Native American History I 13
Native American History II 13
Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies 13
Asian Pacific American History 13
Race, Ethnicity & Pop Culture3
American Racial Liber. Mvmt 13
World Geography 13
Honors World Geography
California Geography 13
Cultural Geography 13
Economic Geography 13
Western Civilizations I 13
Honors Western Civilizations I
Western Civilizations II 13
Honors Western Civilizations II
World Civilizations I 13
Honors World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II 13
Honors World Civilizations II
History of Africa 13
History of Latin America I 13
History of Latin America II 13
Survey of British History I 13
Survey of British History II 13
Asian Civilizations I 13
Asian Civilizations II 13
History of Mexico 13
History of the Middle East 13
History of the United States I 13
Honors History of the United States I
History of the United States II 13
Honors History of the United States II
History of the Americas I (formerly HIST 162AC) (Formerly HIST 162AC) 13
History of the Americas II (formerly HIST 162BC) (Formerly HIST 162BC) 13
Women in United States History 13
History of California 13
Cultur Awareness Health Care3
Introduction to Human Services3
Introduction to Global Citizenship Studies 13
Global Citizenship Issues 13
Global Media 13
Messages for Electronic Media3
Psychology of Sport 13
Sport and United States Society (formerly PE 250 C) 13
MGT 161 C
Introduction to Public Health (formerly KIN 280 C)3
Honors Introduction to Public Health (formerly KIN 280HC)
Health and Social Justice (formerly KIN 281 C)3
Honors Health and Social Justice (formerly KIN 281HC)
Women's Health (formerly KIN 283 C)3
Global and Community Health (formerly KIN 285 C)3
United States Government 13
Honors United States Government
POSC 101 C
Political Theory 13
Intro to Political Science 13
Urban Politics 13
Contemporary Political Issues 13
Comparative Politics 13
Politics of the Middle East 13
International Relations 13
Introduction to Psychology 13
Honors Intro to Psychology
Applied Psychology3
Human Sexuality 13
Cross-Cultural Psychology (formerly PSY 237 C) (Formerly PSY 237 C) 13
Developmental Psychology 13
Child Psychology 13
Research Methods in Psychology 14
The Brain and Behavior 13
Abnormal Psychology 13
Social Psychology 13
Psychology of Aging 13
Introduction to Sociology 13
Honors Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems 13
Sociology Research Methods 13
Sociology of Women 13
Sociology of Aging 13
Marriage and Family 13
Sociology of Religion 13
Media, Culture, and Society 13
Sociology of Contemporary Race and Ethnic Relations 13
Introduction to Criminology 13

SPECIAL NOTE: This degree is an Associate Degree designed for transfer students; however, it does not qualify as an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) for CSU priority admission consideration. Please see a counselor for more information on differences in degree options offered at Cypress College for transfer students.