Foreign Language: Elementary Level Certificate


The Foreign Language: Elementary Level Certificate is designed for students seeking to learn a foreign language and expand their communicative abilities. Learning a foreign language enables students to make connections between cultures and language, and thereby gain an understanding of the importance of nuance in all types of communication. Such knowledge is acquired by putting into practice the linguistic and sociocultural competence they would gain from our program's courses. Students completing our program are better equipped to navigate the challenges of our multilingual and multicultural society. Completion of this certificate additionally provides the academic basis for further study at the intermediate level and is an initial milestone along the student's pathway to certificates, degrees, or transfer. All courses in this program meet transfer and degree requirements for Cypress College, CSU, and UC. To earn a certificate, complete the required courses as listed with a minimum grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College. This certificate requires a total of 16 units.

Required Core: Courses to be taken as a discipline group in the suggested sequence listed (10 units).10
Elementary Chinese-Mandarin I
and Elementary Chinese-Mandarin II
Elementary French I
and Elementary French II
Elementary Japanese I
and Elementary Japanese II
Elementary Spanish I
and Elementary Spanish II
Electives: Select 6 units from the following courses.6
Beginning Spoken Chinese3
Spoken Japanese for Beginners3
Cultural Anthropology3
Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology3
Latin American Art3
Intercultural Communication3
World Literature to 16503
Intro to Chicana-o-x Studies3
Intro to Asian Pac Am Studies3
Western Civilizations I3
World Civilizations I3
History of Latin America I3
Asian Civilizations I3
Animation History Technology3
Introduction to Language3
Total Units16