General Studies Health Sciences Associate in Arts Degree

Division: Health Science


The General Studies Health Sciences Associate in Arts Degree provides students with a scope of knowledge and broad overview for attaining the communication skills, practical knowledge, and training necessary for a variety of careers in the Health Science area. Students completing this degree will develop a basic understanding of the healing arts and healthcare professions and how they interrelate. The Associate of Arts Degree in Health Sciences empowers the student to see Dental, Funeral Service, Health Information, Nursing, Psychiatric Technology, and Radiology Technology, through the prism of healthcare professions. Key concepts in general education are reinforced by their connection to the helping professions in healthcare. Bridging the wisdom of the ages with contemporary innovations, this program offers a well-rounded education with insight to opportunities in our modern world.

Requirements for this degree include:

  1. Cypress College Native General Education requirements; California State University General Education Breadth requirements (CSU GE Breadth) or IGETC General Education requirements
  2. Three (3) units of Cultural Diversity (these units must be chosen from the Cultural Diversity list)
  3. Completion of Reading Proficiency requirement
  4. Completion of at least 18 units. Note: Where appropriate, courses may also be counted for a GE area.
  5. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College
  6. Completion of additional degree-applicable classes for a total of 60 units (see Non-Degree Credit Courses for description of classes that are non-degree applicable)
  7. A 2.0 (C) overall GPA and a 2.0 (C) in all courses taken in the Area of Emphasis.

NOTE: This degree is not intended for students pursuing other Health Science major degrees.

Students must complete at least 9 units from the following list of restricted courses:9
Integrated Medical Science3
Anatomy and Physiology5
General Human Anatomy4
Chemistry for Health Science Majors l4
Effective Communication3
Human Communication3
Honors Human Communication
College Writing4
Honors College Writing
Survey of Medical Terminology3
Survey of Disease3
Dying/Death and Grief/Mourning (same as HSCE 161 C)3
Practical Mathematics for Life4
Intermediate Algebra4
Combined Algebra I and II6
Introduction to Psychology3
Honors Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Honors Introduction to Sociology
Electives - To complete all course requirements, students must complete at least 9 additional units from the list below:9
Health Science Concentration:
Computer Information Systems3
Preparation for Health Science3
Health Care Communication0.5-1
CPR for Health Care Providers1
Health Science Independent Study0.5-2
Survey of Disease3
Dying/Death and Grief/Mourning (same as HSCE 161 C)3
Cultural Awareness and the Health Care System3
Ethical and Legal Issues1.5
Dental Concentration:
Dental Materials3
Oral Anatomy/Dental Assisting3
Preventive Dental Health - Basics3
Chairside Assisting I3
Radiology/Dental Assisting3
Radiology II/Dental Assisting (formerly Clinical/Dental Radiology)1
Dental Anatomy and Morphology2
Oral Health Assessment3
Radiology Technician - Hygienists3
Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene5
Oral Embryology and Histology2
Health Records Concentration:
Trends in Health Care Delivery3
Health Information Management3
Legal Aspects of Health Care3
Healthcare Data Analysis3
Beginning ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding3
Medical Quality Management3
Funeral Service Concentration:
Orientation to Funeral Service3
Embalming Anatomy/Pathology I4
Funeral Service Thanatology I2
Funeral Service Management I3
Funeral Service Ceremonies3
Funeral Directing5
Funeral Service Administration I4
Methods of Disposition4
Embalming Anatomy/Pathology II4
Funeral Service Management II3
Imaging Concentration:
Computer Information Systems3
Introduction to Sonography2
Sonography Physics3.5
Abdomen Sonography4
Radiologic Electronics4
Introduction to Radiography4
Radiology Imaging Techniques (formerly Radiologic Technology)4
Radiographic Positioning I (formerly Radiologic Positioning)5
Radiography Patient Care3
Nursing Patient Care Concentration:
Nursing Transitions3.5
Pharmacology in Nursing I1
Fundamentals of Nursing4.5
Introduction to Medical-Surgical/Gero Nursing3.5
Pharmacology in Nursing II1
Medical-Surgical Nursing I5
Maternal/Newborn Nursing3.5
Nursing Science I7
Nursing Science II7
Total Units18