Digital Cinema Arts and Industry Certificate


The Digital Cinema Arts and Industry Certificate provides a foundation in the field of time-based media creation which includes video and audio recording for multiple platform exhibition and distribution. The certificate will prepare students to enter the fields of motion picture, television, multimedia, Internet and wireless media by providing a foundation set of courses that cover digital content creation. Students will learn the operation and application of software and hardware specific to these industries.

Required Courses - Select 11 courses from the following (18 units):
MM 100 C Introduction to Electronic Media3
MAD 107 CMotion Graphics I3
MAD 109 CDigital Video Production I-Mac3
or MAD 188 C Beginning Single Camera Production
MAD 194 CBeginning Motion Picture Prod3
MAD 110 C Animation History and Technology3
or MAD 196 C Silent Film Genre
or MAD 200 C Storyboarding, Comics, Pre Visual
MAD 180 CVideo Editing-Mac3
or MAD 181 C Video Editing - Windows
or MAD 295 C Media Arts Design Internship
Total Units18