Bachelor in Science Degree in Funeral Service

Division: Health Science


This program is an accredited course of study in funeral service education designed for students who wish to advance their career and employment opportunities as a funeral service practitioner and to prepare the student for state licensure where statutory law requires successful completion of the Bachelor in Science Degree in Funeral Service in order to practice.

To earn the Bachelor in Science Degree in Funeral Service, students must complete:

  1. requirements for Associate in Science Mortuary Science degree or equivalent;
  2. all upper division major course requirements with a grade of C or better;
  3. 37 units of IGETC lower division general education coursework or 39 units CSU GE Breadth lower division general education coursework, or previously awarded baccalaureate degree from a CSU;
  4. a minimum of 9 units of Upper Division General Education Graduation Requirements;
  5. the cultural diversity requirement;
  6. any elective courses to complete a minimum of 120 units; and,
  7. have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all college level courses attempted and at least 24 units of upper division course work must be completed at Cypress College (residency requirement). Total degree units are 120–131 units.
Prerequisite - Associate Degree from ABFSE-Accredited Funeral Service/Mortuary Science Program (41-50 units in the major)
Acceptance into Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program AND Embalmer License AND Funeral Director License OR Funeral Service Practitioner Certification
Required Upper Division Major Courses (32 units) of which 12 units will be from MORT 497 C and MORT 498 C:
MORT 402 C Funeral Service Standards of Practice3
MORT 430 C Cemetery and Crematory Operations3
MORT 450 C Issues and Trends in Funeral Service3
MORT 482 CClinical Embalming4
MORT 492 CFuneral Service Externship4
MORT 495 CMortuary Jurisprudence3
MORT 497 CFuneral Service Practicum I6
MORT 498 CFuneral Service Practicum II6
Upper Division General Education Courses (9 units minimum):9-10
Anthropology of Death for Mortuary Science3
Communication for Health Services (formerly Communication for Mortuary Science)3
Advanced Writing in the Health Sciences4
Dying/Death and Grief/Mourning3
Business Ethics3
Students can take any upper division general education courses. One needs to emphasize communication, computation or composition.
Total Units41-42