Advertising and Graphic Design Certificate

Division: Visual and Performing Arts


The Advertising and Graphic Design Certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the professions of advertising, graphic design or allied profession. The hands-on classes allow a student to create professional quality designs suitable for inclusion in a portfolio. This certificate requires a total of 40-41 units. A minimum grade of C is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (34-35 units):
ART 123 FBusiness Practices in Art3
ART 299 FArt Independent Study1-2
DART 100 F Introduction to Digital Art3
DART 112 FVector Graphics3
DART 132 FDigital Imaging I3
DART 140 F Digital Publishing I3
DART 146 FDigital Publishing II3
GRFX 100 F Graphic Design I (formerly ART 140 F)3
GRFX 150 F Graphic Design II (formerly ART 147 F)3
GRFX 160 F Publication Design (formerly ART 145 F)3
GRFX 230 F Advertising Design (formerly ART 146 F)3
GRFX 240 F Packaging Design (formerly ART 148 F)3
Restricted Electives (6 units):6
Color Theory3
Basic Design3
Basic Drawing3
Introduction to Printing3
Digital Photo Editing I3
Introduction to Photography3
Total Units40-41

Outcome 1: Evaluate advertising or design proposals and then create, design and communicate visual solutions to decision-makers.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate proficiency in the use of graphic design terminology and software to create visual solutions to professional design assignments.

Outcome 3: Analyze and interpret contemporary and historical graphic design styles and apply that understanding in the creation of visual design solutions.