Art History Associate in Arts Degree


The Art History Associate in Arts Degree prepares students for careers in Art History. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to, art handler, art critic, gallery attendant, art fair professional, in addition to work in museums, non-profits, marketing companies, advertising agencies, and education. This degree requires a total of 18-19 units, in addition to other graduation requirements.

Required Courses: (6 units)
ARTH 150 F Western Art History - Prehistory to 14th Century (formerly ART 112 F)3
ARTH 155 F Western Art History - 15th to 20th Century (formerly ART 113 F)3
or ARTH 155HF Honors Western Art History - 15th to 20th Century (formerly ART 113HF)
Restricted Global Art History Electives (choose 1 course for 3 units)3
NOTE: ARTH 295 F must be taken for a minimum of 3 units. Taking it for 2 units will not count toward completion of the Art History Associate in Arts Degree.
Africa, Oceania, and Native American Art History
Asian Art History (formerly ART 212 F)
Latin America - Mexican Art History (formerly ART 116 F)
Latin America - Ancient/Indigenous Art History (formerly ART 213 F)
Latin America - Colonial - Contemporary Art History
Restricted Art History Electives (choose 3 courses for 9-10 units)9-10
Any courses from Restricted Global Art History Electives not already used.
Introduction to Visual Culture (formerly ART 110 F)
American Art History (formerly ART 117 F)
Gender and Women in Art History (formerly ART 211 F)
Global Contemporary Art History
Western Art History - 19th to 21st Century (formerly ART 114 F)
Honors Creative Arts - Art (formerly ART 196HF)
The Museum Experience (formerly ART 115 F)
Museum Studies Internship I2-4
Total Units18-19

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Identify key works of art and architecture from a variety of cultures and understand their significance within a social-political context.

Outcome 2: Analyze artworks using critical thinking skills and written and/or oral communication skills.