Children's Book Ilustration Certificate

Division: Fine Arts


The Children’s Book Illustration Certificate is designed to prepare advanced skill-level students to create content specifically in children's picture books. This certificate emphasizes book content development, processes and publishing methods. It also provides skills and strategies for students to develop their own original Intellectual properties. To fulfill the requirements in this certificate, the student must have first taken the prerequisites for all courses in the certificate, or by portfolio review by department instructors. Upon completion of the required courses the student must submit a finished, self-published children’s book, for review and approval by three full-time faculty including: Head of the Illustration area, Art Department Chair, and another full-time faculty from the Illustration and DART programs. The book will be assessed against an industry standard preparing the student for the next stage of entering the profession. This certificate requires a total of 33-35 units. A minimum grade of C or better is required for each course taken in the certificate.

Required Courses (24 units):
ART 217 F Children's Book Illustration (formerly ART 090DF)3
ART 218 F Visual Storytelling: Structure and Form3
ART 220 F Genre and Style in Entertainment Art3
ART 222 F Composition for Artists: Elements and Principles3
ART 244 FIllustration3
ART 247 F Sketching for Animators and Illustrators - Traditional Media Techniques3
DART 140 F Digital Publishing I3
DART 148 F Introduction to Narrative Illustration3
Restricted Electives: 9-11 units from the following list:9-11
Fundamentals of Cartooning2
Beginning Watercolor Painting3
Illustrating Literature3
Advanced Illustration3
Fundamentals of Character Design3
Survey of Children's Literature3
Introduction to Printing3
Total Units33-35

Outcome 1: Demonstrate evidence of proficiency in a variety of creative areas, including sketching skills/rapid visualization, two-dimensional design and color, draftsmanship of accurate human anatomy, knowledge of digital illustration programs, and creative storytelling.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate an  understanding of the expectations of the field of Children's Book Illustration, relating to interaction with peers and project leaders in a creative situation or environment.