Art History/Museum Studies Associate in Arts Degree

Division: Fine Arts


The Art History/Museum Studies Associate in Arts Degree prepares students to transfer to a university that offers bachelor's degrees in Art History, especially those that offer a specialization in Museum Studies. A bachelor's degree in Art History/ Museum Studies provides a foundation for gallery and museum careers and/or postgraduate study. This program requires a total of 27-28 units of required courses and restricted electives.

Required Core Courses (9 units):
ART 112 F Art History: Ancient to Medieval3
ART 113 F Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
or ART 113HF Honors Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ART 182 FBasic Drawing3
Restricted Electives (18-19 units):18-19
List A - Select one of the following (3 units):
Art History: The Art of Mexico3
Art History: The Art of Asia3
List B - Select one of the following (3 units):
Basic Design3
Three-Dimensional Design3
Ceramics: Beginning Handbuilding (formerly ART 150AF)3
Beginning Life Drawing3
Introduction to Digital Art3
Digital Photo Editing I3
Introduction to Photography3
List C - Select one of the following (3 units):
Any course from List A or List B not already chosen, or:
Art History: Impressionism to Present3
Art History: American Art3
Art History: Pre-Columbian Art3
List D - Select three courses from the following (9-10 units):
The Museum Experience (formerly Museum Survey)3
Museum Studies - Introduction to Gallery Practices3
Museum Studies - Exhibition Production3
Museum Studies - Exhibition Design and Careers3
Arts Internship2-4
Total Units27-28

Outcome 1: Identify important European works of art by Michelangelo, da VInci, Rembrandt, Goya, and other seminal figures of European art and architecture and/or from global art histories.

Outcome 2: Prepare in-depth analysis of a museum exhibition, addressing concerns of layout, flow, use of color, educational materials including didactic panels, and curatorial concept.