Advertising and Graphic Design Associate in Arts Degree


The Advertising and Graphic Design Associate in Arts Degree is designed for students seeking employment in the advertising and graphic design industry. Students are guided through presentation and portfolio creation process throughout the program. This program is not designed to transfer to a UC or CSU institution, but may transfer to a private four-year school of art with specialized focus on Advertising and Graphic Arts. This degree requires a total of 18 units.

Required Courses (12 units):
ART 140 F Graphic Design I (formerly Introduction to Advertising and Graphic Design)3
ART 145 FPublication Design3
ART 147 F Graphic Design II (formerly Production Techniques for Graphic Designers)3
DART 100 F Introduction to Digital Art3
Restricted Electives (6 units):6
Business Practices in Art3
Advertising Design3
Packaging Design3
Vector Graphics3
Digital Imaging I3
Digital Publishing I3
Digital Publishing II3
Total Units18

Outcome 1: Create computer generated, comprehensive, publication designs that are suitable for inclusion in a student’s portfolio.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate an advanced understanding of electronic prepress, typography, paper specification, and commercial printing methods.

Outcome 3: Apply the terminology of computer graphics to communications within the field of digital media.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate a beginning knowledge of contemporary and historical graphic design.