Art Associate in Arts Degree


The Art Associate in Arts Degree isdesigned to prepare students for possible careers in the different fields of Fine Arts, including Gallery presentation, Sculpture, Painting, and Ceramics. It is also very good preparation for possible transfer to a four-year public or private Art Institute or university. This degree requires the completion of 18 units.

Required Courses - Art History (3 units):3
Art History: Ancient to Medieval3
Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
Art History: Impressionism to Present3
Art History: The Art of Mexico3
Art History: The Art of Asia3
List A (3 units):3
Basic Design3
Basic Drawing3
List B (3 units):3
Three-Dimensional Design3
Ceramics: Beginning Handbuilding (formerly ART 150AF)3
Fundamentals of Sculpture3
Beginning Jewelry Fabrication3
Stained Glass3
Life Sculpture3
Beginning Painting3
List C (9 units):9
Any ART course or any course from List A, B or C not already selected:
Advanced Topics in Art3
Fundamentals of Art3
Honors Art History: Renaissance to Modern3
The Museum Experience (formerly Museum Survey)3
Art History: American Art3
Color Theory3
Museum Studies - Introduction to Gallery Practices3
Business Practices in Art3
Museum Studies - Exhibition Production3
Museum Studies - Exhibition Design and Careers3
Applied Painting: Floral2
Portrait Painting2
Portrait Drawing2
Intermediate Portrait Drawing2
Introduction to Printmaking3
Intermediate Printmaking3
Basic Drawing for Entertainment Arts3
History of Graphic Design3
Fashion Sketching2
Graphic Design I (formerly Introduction to Advertising and Graphic Design)3
User Experience (UX) Design3
Basic Drawing for Entertainment Arts - Drawing from the Imagination3
Fundamentals of Cartooning2
Publication Design3
Advertising Design3
Graphic Design II (formerly Production Techniques for Graphic Designers)3
Packaging Design3
Ceramics Lab1
Ceramics: Beginning Throwing3
Intermediate Ceramics3
Animal Drawing3
Sketching for Animators and Illustrators3
Advanced Sculpture3
Sculpture Cast Metal: Beginning3
Sculpture Open Studio1
Sculpture: Metal Fabrication3
Contemporary Art Studio3
Sketching for Animators and Illustrators- Visual Development (formerly ART 157 F)3
Jewelry Casting3
Intermediate Jewelry Fabrication3
Drawing from the Masters3
Representational Drawing3
Expressive Drawing3
Beginning Life Drawing3
Beginning Watercolor Painting3
Anatomical Drawing3
Honors Creative Arts - Art3
Mural and Faux Painting3
Intermediate Painting3
Advanced Painting I3
Advanced Painting II3
Intermediate Mural and Faux Painting3
Intermediate Watercolor3
Intermediate Landscape Painting2
Life Painting3
Women in the Arts3
Art History: Pre-Columbian Art3
Beginning Storyboarding and Narrative Composition (formerly ART 090BF)3
Advanced Storyboarding and Pre-Visual Preparation3
Children's Book Illustration (formerly ART 090DF)3
Visual Storytelling: Structure and Form3
Visual Storytelling: Image and Sequence3
Genre and Style in Entertainment Art3
Staging and Scene Development3
Composition for Artists: Elements and Principles3
Composition for Artists: Master Studies3
Illustrating Literature3
Intermediate Life Drawing3
Typography II3
Applied Perspective3
Classical Cast Drawing3
Advanced Illustration3
Sketching for Animators and Illustrators - Traditional Media Techniques3
Advanced Ceramics3
Tile I3
Tile II3
Tile III3
Sculpture - Ceramics3
Cast Metal: Intermediate3
Cast Metal: Advanced3
Cast Metal: Studio Concepts3
Advanced Sculpture II3
Fabrication III: Mold Making, Casting and Vacuum Forming3
Intermediate Jewelry Casting3
Advanced Jewelry Casting3
Studio Concepts: Jewelry Casting3
Advanced Jewelry Fabrication3
Studio Concepts: Jewelry Fabrication3
Intermediate Stained Glass3
Rendering II3
Drawing from the Masters II3
Intermediate Life Sculpture3
Advanced Life Drawing3
Advanced Life Sculpture3
Advanced Life Sculpture II3
Portfolio Preparation and Artwork Presentation3
Applied Painting: Expressive3
Painting: Political and Social Issues3
Painting: Narrative3
Independent Study: Illustration1-2
Independent Study: Painting1-2
Independent Study: Museum Studies1-2
Independent Study: Ceramics1-2
Arts Internship2-4
Art Independent Study1-2
Total Units18

Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of, and show proficiency in, the fundamentals of art making with various tools and materials.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental elements in art and be able to identify a variety of medias within the context of Art History.

Outcome 3: Formulate conceptual considerations as they relate to the creation of art and design.

Outcome 4: Determine artistic solutions to visual design problems in multiple genres.

Outcome 5: Recognize and describe excellence in art.