Storyboarding Certificate

Division: Fine Arts


The Storyboarding Certificate provides a concentration in storyboarding for advanced skill-level students, as well as professionals in related fields, such as illustration, graphic design and concept design who want to move in this field in order to expand their skills or make a career change. The Storyboarding Certificate emphasizes Story development, illustrating the narrative, planning shots, and drawing panels to demonstrate action and continuity between scenes in animation or live action.

To fulfill the requirements in this certificate, the student must have first taken the prerequisites for all courses in the certificate, or by portfolio review by instructors of the Illustration and DART programs. This certificate requires 21 units of required courses. A grade of C or better is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (21 units):
ART 214 F Perspective and Staging for Storyboarding3
ART 215 F Beginning Storyboarding and Narrative Composition (formerly ART 090BF)3
ART 216 F Advanced Storyboarding and Pre-Visual Preparation3
ART 219 F Visual Storytelling: Image and Sequence3
ART 221 F Staging and Scene Development3
ART 223 F Composition for Artists: Master Studies3
DART 104 F Introduction to Maya 3D3
Total Units21

Outcome 1: Demonstrate evidence of proficiency in a variety of art-techniques, including: composition, perspective, sketching skills and rapid visualization.

Outcome 2: Demonstrate an understanding of storyboarding by translating scripts/screenplays into beat-sheets and visually developing thumbnail designs that convey/enforce story, and presenting finalized images for Pre-Vis.

Outcome 3: Demonstrate proficiency in storyboarding techniques, including: story development, illustrating the narrative, and designing sequences in panels to demonstrate action and continuity between shots.