Psychiatric Technology Certificate

Program Code: 1C21116

This program aims to prepare a student to meet the requirements for licensure as a Psychiatric Technician in the state of California. A Psychiatric Technician is a licensed member of the professional services team working with people who are intellectually or mentally disabled. Historically employed by private and state hospitals, developmental centers, and many community mental health facilities, Psychiatric Technicians will increasingly find a variety of jobs available in the fields of corrections and human services. These include day care centers, substance abuse programs, forensic facilities, special education and many other areas promoting intellectual, developmental and mental health.

The program is accredited by and conforms to the regulations of the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the State Board Licensure Examination.

To earn a certificate, complete the required courses with a minimum grade of “C.” At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College. Upon completion of the 51 units of required course work, the student becomes eligible to apply to the BVNPT for licensure examination.

Required Courses Are Listed in Suggested Sequence

First Year
Fall TermUnitsSpring TermUnits
Prerequisite CoursesPT 120 C7
BIOL 160 C3PT 125 C7
PSY 101 C3 
Required Courses 
PT 110 C7 
PT 115 C7 
PSY 139 C13 
 23 14
Second Year
Fall TermUnits 
PT 130 C7 
PT 135 C7 
PT 090 C0.5 
Total Units 51.5