Community Health Worker Certificate

Division: Kinesiology


The Community Health Worker Certificate prepares students for introductory level positions in community health field. All students must complete at least 18 units. Coursework in KIN 235 C may be waived with current Red Cross cards in First Aid and CPR at the discretion of the division. To earn this certificate, students must complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College. This certificate requires a total of 18 units.

Required Courses (9 units):
PHS 281 C Health and Social Justice (formerly KIN 281 C)3
or PHS 281HC Honors Health and Social Justice (formerly KIN 281HC)
PHS 284 C Contemporary Personal Health (formerly KIN 284 C)3
PHS 295 C Civic Engagement in Public Health (formerly KIN 289 C)3
Elective Courses - Select three courses from the list below (9 units):9
Intercultural Communication3
Behavior Modification3
Drugs and Alcohol in Our Society3
First Aid, CPR and Emergencies (formerly PE 235 C)3
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness (formerly Human Performance)3
Introduction to Public Health (formerly KIN 280 C)3
Honors Introduction to Public Health (formerly KIN 280HC)
Women's Health (formerly KIN 283 C)3
Global and Community Health (formerly KIN 285 C)3
Nutrition for Public Health3
Case Studies in Public Health3
Integrative Mental Health and Mindfulness3
Whole Systems Integrative Health3
Cross-Cultural Psychology (formerly PSY 237 C)3
Psychology of Aging3
Sociology of Aging3
Total Units18