Integrative Health and Wellness Studies Associate in Science Degree

Division: Kinesiology


The Integrative Health and Wellness Studies Associate in Science Degree is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of health. Health is defined as a state of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well being. Furthermore, health is defined as a state of wholeness, of being whole, and in this respect, we approach the study of health from a perspective of what is holy, and sacred. In approaching a vita list, and holistic definition of health, we will comprehensively consider sleep, movement, nutrition, resiliency, mind-body practices, our connection to nature, and environment, that allow for the emergence of a whole person perspective of human flourishing and health.

To earn an Associate Degree students must complete:

  1. all major course requirements with a grade of C or better;
  2. Cypress College Native General Education requirements; California State University General Education Breadth requirements (CSU GE Breadth) or IGETC General Education requirements;
  3. social justice, equity, and sustainability and reading requirements;
  4. any elective courses to complete a minimum of 60 units; and,
  5. have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

At least 50% of all major course work must be completed at Cypress College. Courses that fulfill major requirements for an Associate Degree at Cypress College might not be the same as those required for completing the major at a transfer institution offering a Baccalaureate Degree. For information on specific university requirements, please consult with your counselor, or visit the Transfer Center. This degree requires a total of 28 units.

Required Courses (12 units):
PHS 294 C Integrative Mental Health and Mindfulness3
PHS 296 C Whole Systems Integrative Health3
PHS 286 CNutrition for Public Health3
or KIN 270 C Nutrition Science and Application
or KIN 270HC Honors Nutrition: Science and Application
or PHS 270 C Nutrition Science and Applic
or PHS 270HC Honors Nutr Science and Appl
PHS 281 C Health and Social Justice (formerly KIN 281 C)3
or PHS 281HC Honors Health and Social Justice (formerly KIN 281HC)
Select one DEGREE EMPHASIS for 16 units total.16
DEGREE EMPHASIS: Yoga Studies (16 units):
Students completing this emphasis would have earned the Yoga Teacher Certificate (200-hour) accredited by Yoga Alliance in addition to completing the AS degree.
Vinyasa Yoga0.5-1
Yoga (formerly PE 102 C)0.5-1
Restorative and Gentle Yoga0.5-1
Hatha Yoga0.5-1
Philosophy and Consciousness of Yoga3
Yoga and the Physical Body3
Yoga and the Subtle Body3
Yoga Teaching Methodology and Ethics3
DEGREE EMPHASIS: Integrative Health Studies - select from the following elective courses (16 units):
Philosophy and Consciousness of Yoga3
Yoga and the Physical Body3
Yoga and the Subtle Body3
Introduction to Public Health (formerly KIN 280 C)3
Honors Introduction to Public Health (formerly KIN 280HC)
Introduction to Global Citizenship Studies
Global Citizenship Issues
Intro to Religious Studies3
Religions of the East
Global and Community Health (formerly KIN 285 C)3
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness (formerly Human Performance)1-3
Contemporary Personal Health (formerly PE 234 C)
Contemporary Personal Health (formerly KIN 284 C)
Stress and Anxiety Management
*COUN 105 C is valued at 1 unit
Total Units28