Musical Theatre Performance Certificate

Financial Aide Eligible

The Musical Theatre Performance Certificate is designed to prepare the student for performance competency in the field of Musical Theatre. The Musical Theatre Certificate requires a total of 20-22 units, 17-18 units of which are in required courses and as listed with a with a grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College. This certificate requires 20-22 units.

Required courses are listed in suggested sequence: (17-18 units)
THEA 120 CActing I3
THEA 126 CMusical Theatre Techniques I3
THEA 127 CMusical Theatre Techniques II3
THEA 132 CMusical Theatre Performance I2-3
or THEA 135 C Musical Theatre Performance II
or THEA 232 C Musical Thea Performance III
or THEA 233 C Musical Theatre Performance IV
THEA 226 CMusical Theatre Techniques III3
THEA 227 CMusical Theatre Techniques IV3
Select two courses from the following:(3-4 units)3-4
Ballet I2
Ballet II2
Jazz Dance I2
Jazz Dance II2
Tap Dance I1
Tap Dance II1
Total Units20-22

Program Student Learning Outcomes:
A student who completes this program (degree/certificate) will

OUTCOME 1: To prepare the students for performance competency to pursue professional careers in the field of Musical Theatre. Program Goals: 1. Provide students with the skills needed for a career in musical theatre.

OUTCOME 2: Provide students with a working technique and knowledge of craft preparations necessary to be successful in the field of musical theatre.

OUTCOME 3: Provide those individuals currently working within this field the opportunity to further develop their understanding, knowledge and skills in the field.

OUTCOME 4: Provide students with hands-on training by experts in the field, as well as direct contact with these professionals as a counseling and career advancement tool.

OUTCOME 5: Provide students with an opportunity to obtain a certificate acknowledging their completion of the courses comprising the certificate, and a tool for obtaining performance competency in musical theatre.

OUTCOME 6: Provide students interested in in transferring to professional schools and conservatory programs the skills with which to audition successfully, The objective of this program is to provide these skills through traditional teaching methods with an emphasis on a practical, “hands-on” education that will give the students an added “edge” in auditions in the professional field of musical theatre.