Addiction Studies Certificate


The Addiction Studies Certificate (formerly titled Alcohol and Drug Studies Certificate) will prepare students to work with Human Services Agencies that provide services to clients in the area of substance abuse issues regarding issues from abuse to addiction. Students will examine the requirements, major tasks and responsibilities, including the role and function of halfway homes, substance abuse recovery centers and sober living sites in the State of California. To earn a certificate, complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College.

Required Core Courses (it is recommended that all fieldwork courses: HUSR 210 C or HUSR 211 C) can be taken only after consultation with an Academic Counselor, Department Chair or the course instructor (27 units):
PSY 139 CDevelopmental Psychology3
HUSR 200 CIntroduction to Human Services3
HUSR 210 CIntroductory Fieldwork3
HUSR 211 CAdvanced Fieldwork3
HUSR 225 CFamilies and Substance Abuse3
HUSR 240 C Drugs and Alcohol in Our Society3
HUSR 241 CIntervention Strategies3
HUSR 242 CDrugs and Physiology3
HUSR 275 C Ethical Issues in Human Services3
Elective Courses - Select a minimum of 9 units from the elective courses listed below:9
Crisis Intervention and Referral3
Group Leadership-Group Process3
Helping Skills-Human Services3
Self-Esteem Strategies3
Behavior Modification3
Co-Occurring Disorders3
Introduction to Victimology3
Prevention Strategies3
Human Services in Criminal Justice3
Counseling in Criminal Justice3
Cross-Cultural Psychology (formerly PSY 237 C)3
American Ethnic Studies (formerly ETHS 100 C)3
Honors American Ethnic Studies
Total Units36