Human Services Generalist Certificate


To earn a certificate, students must complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College.

Required Core Courses are listed in suggested sequence (27 units):
HUSR 200 CIntroduction to Human Services3
HUSR 275 C Ethical Issues in Human Services3
HUSR 222 CGroup Leadership-Group Process3
PSY 139 CDevelopmental Psychology3
HUSR 224 CSelf-Esteem Strategies3
HUSR 210 CIntroductory Fieldwork3
HUSR 225 CFamilies and Substance Abuse3
HUSR 241 CIntervention Strategies3
HUSR 211 CAdvanced Fieldwork3
Required Electives - Select from the following list (9 units):9
Human Sexuality3
Introduction to Family Studies3
Crisis Intervention and Referral3
Helping Skills-Human Services3
Behavior Modification3
Drugs and Alcohol in Our Society3
Drugs and Physiology3
Co-Occurring Disorders3
Sociology of Aging3
Psychology of Aging3
Introduction to Victimology3
Society and Victimization3
Prevention Strategies3
Counseling in Criminal Justice3
Introduction to Criminology3
Careers in Criminal Justice3
Cross-Cultural Criminology3
Cross-Cultural Psychology (formerly PSY 237 C)3
American Ethnic Studies (formerly ETHS 100 C)3
Honors American Ethnic Studies
Total Units36