Automotive T-Ten Brake and Alignment Specialist Certificate

Division: Career Technical Education


This program is designed to prepare T-TEN students for employment as automotive brake and alignment technicians. Training is given in theory and practical skills. Directed practical work is given in areas of automotive maintenance and repair under simulated on-the-job conditions. Particular emphasis is placed on those competencies required of Toyota/Lexus brake, suspension, and alignment technicians. The program will provide the student the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills demanded of the modern automotive brake, suspension, and alignment technician. To earn this certificate, students must complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. 100% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College.

Required Courses shown in required sequence (17 units):
AT 109 C Introduction to Toyota Automotive Technology4
AT 130 CAuto Chassis and Brake Systems12
AT 209 CToyota Portfolio TPORT1
Total Units17