Automotive Technology Certificate


This program is designed to prepare students for employment as automotive technicians. Training is given in both theory and practical skills. Directed practical work is given in all areas of the automotive maintenance and repair under simulated on-the-job conditions. The program will provide the student the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills demanded of the modern automotive technician. The sequence in which courses are taken may be modified to meet individual needs. Primary emphasis is to prepare the student for occupational competency in automotive technology.

Required courses are listed in suggested sequence. The student must take AT 105 C and then choose four of the five listed 12 units courses (48 units):52
Automotive Electrical I4
Auto Engine Repair/Machining12
Auto Chassis and Brake Systems12
Auto Drivetrains/Transmissions12
Auto Performance and Driveability12
Electronic and Electrical Diagnostics
Select a minimum of 3-4 units from the elective courses listed below:3-4
Automotive Technology Special Projects.0.5-3
Survey of the Automobile3
Automotive History3
Introduction to Automotive Technology4
Automotive Air Conditioning4
Clean Air Car Level 1 and 24
Advanced Clean Air Car Course2
Toyota Portfolio TPORT1
Lower Engine Blueprinting2
Upper Engine Blueprinting2
Advanced Performance and Driveability4
Introduction to Alternative Fuels4
Introduction to Electric-Hybrid Vehicles4
Automotive Service Seminar0.5-12
Human Relations in Business3
Total Units55-56