Athletic Coach Certificate


The Athletic Coach Certificate prepares the student for occupational coaching at various levels. Course work in KIN 235 C may be waived with current Red Cross cards in First Aid and CPR at the discretion of the division. To earn a certificate, complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College. This certificate requires a total of 16 units.

Required Courses (6 units):
KIN 235 C First Aid, CPR and Emergencies (formerly PE 235 C)3
or KIN 236 C Athletic Injuries-Prevention and Care (formerly PE 236 C)
KIN 272 CStrength and Conditioning3
KIN 295 C Kinesiology - Internship Seminar3
Elective Courses (7 units):7
Activity Courses: KIN 100 C - KIN 199 C (.5-1 units)
Sports Officiating (formerly PE 240 C)3
Theory of Coaching Basketball (formerly PE 266 C)3
Theory of Coaching Baseball (formerly PE 267 C)3
Sports Management (formerly PE 247 C)3
Psychology of Sport (formerly PE 248)3
Sport and United States Society (formerly PE 250 C)3
Exercise Physiology3
Exercise Testing and Prescription3
Total Units16