Sport Management Certificate

Division: Kinesiology


The Sport Management Certificate program prepares students for a career in kinesiology with an emphasis on sport management. The program is designed to help students acquire knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work in the sports management field and successfully manage sport programs. To earn this certificate, complete the required courses as listed with a grade of C or better. This certificate requires a total of 16-17 units.

Required Courses are listed in suggested sequence: (12 units)
KIN 247 C Sports Management (formerly PE 247 C)3
KIN 249 C Sport and United States Society (formerly PE 250 C)3
KIN 295 CKinesiology - Internship Sem3
REC 102 CRec. Sport Lead. & Dev. Grps3
Elective Courses: Select from the following (4-5 units) 4-5
Activity courses KIN 100-KIN 201
Interpersonal Communication3
Financial Accounting5
Principles of Economics-Macro3
Honors Princ of Econ-Macro
Introduction to Kinesiology (formerly PE 252 C)3
Movement Anatomy3
Psychology of Sport3
Strength and Conditioning3
Total Units16-17

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

OUTCOME 1: Aquire workforce preparation skills, including successfully managing community sport programs, to work in the sport management field.