Course Numbering

  • Courses completed at Cypress College will transfer to other community colleges.
  • Courses numbered 001 C–099 C are remedial, occupational and/or technical and designed in content and organization for students who do not intend to transfer for the Bachelor’s degree.
  • Courses numbered from 100 C–299 C (including Honors courses) have been certified by Cypress College as being of baccalaureate level for the current school year and as such are transferable to any campus of the California State University system.

The transfer institution, however, will determine the extent to which a course satisfies the requirements of a particular degree program. Credit not otherwise applied shall be acceptable as general electives to the extent that the particular degree objective permits. Students who plan to transfer to any campus of the University of California or other university or college should check with a counselor for transferable courses since some universities do not accept all courses numbered 100 C–299 C.